ZOR rebuild turbochargers



FICMs commonly have power and logic board failures. They are cleaned, repaired and reassembled using 100% replacement components and 100% rework to eliminate any intermittent failures. All modules are tri-temp tested to ensure accurate and reliable operation.

Voltage is increased from 48 to 58 to improve hard starting of cold engines.

Additional voltage increases engine performance and decreases misfires. A scan tool will always read 22% lower than the actual voltage.

Single universal part number with installation/programming instructions including troubleshooting tips.

Fully functional testing using true loads.

Tri-Temp functional testing.

100% replacement of components known to cause low FICM voltage issues.

- New & Reman Turbochargers - New & Reman Cartridges - Repair Kits

-Highest quality standards in products and processes.

-Dual plane balanced.

-12 month warranty on New & Remanufactured.


We Remanufacture All  Turbos

Automotive, Diesel, Truck, Heavy Equipment, Marine, Industrial; U.S., Japanese, European, anything that has a turbo.

Garrett, Holset, IHI, Mitsubishi, FoMoCo, Borg warner



Premium remanufactured injectors. Injectors are kept in matched sets through the disassembly process for optimum performance. After cleaning, all injector clearances are measured with precision air gauges to confirm and prevent any fuel leakage passing the critical high-pressure components. All air gauge data measurements are retained and stored by serial numbers and date. This step gives peace of mind that catastrophic engine dilution problems cannot occur. After final assembly, all injectors are 100% tested and data is recorded for critical engine application checkpoints, to assure a quality product.

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turbochargers,ZOR,ziki,zuck,randall,funck,randy,IHI,Garrett,Borg warner,FoMoCo,GTP38,K03,K04,TD04,Holset